Say that name more than a week ago and no one would have flinched.  Now, it is ingrained in our brains and on our hearts forever.  

It is so unfair.  It makes me so angry I can’t even find the right words.  The right words will never manifest for any of us.  It’s just not fair.

Parents should never have to bury their children.  Especially in this case, a case of senseless violence.  How can we as parents feel safe in this world, even sending our children to school?  I’m so afraid.  There are knots in my stomach as I type this.  What is this world coming to?

Like always, mental illness becomes the focal point as soon as the dust has settled surrounding the details of the murder itself.  Murders.  Children.  So many young children, and then many of the adults who cared for, protected, and educated them.  They are and will forever remain heroes.  And the sweet children who died at the hands of this cold-blooded killer will forever be angels until they are reunited once again with the mommies and daddies and friends and relatives who will always love them.

Our country is mourning right now.  This should never have happened.  Nothing like this should ever happen.  As always, right alongside the raised awareness of mental illness, comes the debate about gun control.  When is enough, enough?  When will we actually stop to take the time to discuss these pertinent issues when it’s not the aftermath of a tragedy?
Now is the time.

Now is the time to focus on issues that have been swept under the rug for far too long.  We need to talk about gun control.  No one is trying to take away your right to hunt.  But there is no reason anyone needs weapons designed for assault.  I know there are many out there who disagree with me.  But I don’t see why any of us need guns that are only designed to kill people and not hunt for food.

Mental illness is obviously something I feel strongly about.  We should be talking about mental illness nonstop in this country.  It affects everyone, whether or not you are personally diagnosed.  The gunman is said to have been afflicted, and this has affected everyone.

Details are slowly emerging regarding motive, background, and upbringing of the killer.  Regardless, we will never have the exact answers we want, because there aren’t any.  There are never sensible answers when it comes to mindless acts of violence such as this.

So all we can do…all we can do is remember the victims…the children who should never have had to deal with this, not in this lifetime, not ever.  The teachers such as Victoria Soto who hid her students in the closet while she perished at the hands of the gunman.  I have chills right now just typing this.  She is a true hero.  She will forever be.  I’d like to think we all would have done the same thing she did, but I don’t know.  I am in awe.

If you have a heart, and a soul, this story about Sandy Hook has touched you.  It’s touched all of us on a very visceral level, hit us in places and in ways we don’t like to generally talk about, because it is just too painful.  I want to be informed, but the more I learn about this story, the less I want to know.  I have a six-year-old…
It’s just too painful.

The victims need to be remembered.  Looking at pictures of these children, however…I can’t.  I just can’t.  I’ve been praying for these families nonstop since the news broke.  Praying for the gunman’s family.  Praying for our nation.  This is not a political issue.  Now, more than ever, we need to unite.  If something like this doesn’t unite us, then what will?  It’s not a red/blue matter.  It is a heart matter.

If you believe in a higher power, please pray.  If you don’t, please send positive thoughts to everyone affected by this terrible tragedy.  Right now, it’s all we can do.

Rest in peace, Sweet Angels.